About Us

LetsPalawan is solely created by this group of travel enthusiasts who only wants to give readers the best ideas in planning that scenic paradise-like trip to Palawan. Born and raised in the Philippines, we're proud Pinoys who can't wait to showcase to the world how amazing our country is.

We started this blog for the purpose of sharing our personal travel experiences, photographs, tips and adventures. Putting up a travel blog was not the plan. What we all wanted was to travel, take selfies and post it on Facebook and Instagram. But Palawan is such an amazing and beautiful place so we just can't let that opportunity slip by so here we  openly share to you our travel experiences and memories to our readers.

Also this is one way that the blog could contribute to promoting Palawan's local tourism all over the world. Especially that Palawan has plenty of hidden gems/island waiting to be discovered. And hopefully, this will garner and attract tourists all over the world. But more than that, we'll be very happy to share our travel tips, experiences and useful information about wherever our feet takes us to. Join as we discover famous beaches in Palawan and hidden jewels on the islands.

The Team

  • Kitsie Torres

    Kitsie is a full-time traveler and professional dreamer, whose passions include photography and marine conservation. Follow her adventures on Instagram and

  • Cheenee Otarra

    Cheenee is a bubble of happy energy about to burst. When she is not laughing loudly, reading books, or getting lost, she’s trying to change the world through sustainable tourism development efforts.

  • Kirby Binayao

    Kirby is a webpreneur specializing in online marketing. When he is not deep diving into data analytics, he enjoys boxing, cordial coffeeshop conversations, and reading books on marketing, business and investments.