Epic Adventures to Do in Palawan


Image courtesy of: www.destinasian.com Palawan is a place full of excitement. It seems that this island paradise never runs out places to be explored and adventures to be tried. And when we mix both of these things, we get an awesome travel experience! Discovering the attractions of Palawan is great on its own but it…

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Fall In Love with Palawan All Over Again

El Nido, Palawan

Image courtesy of: Ahiki Mystical lagoons, majestic overlooking cliffs, pristine coastlines and waters that glimmers like diamonds over the sunlight. These and many more are reasons why Palawan makes the finest choice for a place of escape. This island paradise never fails to entertain us with its captivating views. As time progresses, this place becomes…

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Palawan –Paradise on Earth


Image courtesy of: secretparadiseresort.com Holiday trips are all about the fun, thrill and relaxation. We all want to have every piece of adventure during our breaks and we all want to experience them in an awe-inspiring location. Vacations are about fun filled memories that we all can look back into and can still feel euphoric…

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5 Best Places to travel in Palawan


Image courtesy of: pinterest.com Vacations are probably one of the things that we look forward to in the year. Along with the other events jotted down in our calendars, going for a holiday trip is something we’re all very enthusiastic about. With that, we make sure that we have the best time during those few…

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Trails of El Nido Palawan


Image courtesy of: curiouskatrina.blogspot.com The Philippines is an archipelago with 7,107 islands boasting of rich natural resources and enchanting sights. Among the tourist destinations of this tropical paradise, one of the most visited is Palawan, with a number of towns, including El Nido, that are frequented by local and foreign tourists. Known as the Philippines’…

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Places to Go on Holidays in Palawan


Image courtesy of: Simon Murphy Holidays –the time of the year where we can take a time off from our busy schedules and travel some place nice where we can take deep breaths and loosen up. We all dream for our holidays to be memorable and fun. Since its one of those exceptional moments in…

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11 Must-See, Must-Insta Places in Palawan


Image courtesy of: Mitch Gimena/ Aside from basking in the sun and walking in the fine sand, do you like taking snapshots during your travel? The truth is we all do. Part of journeying to another place is documenting the exciting adventures that we’re having. And with today’s social Medias we all want to share…

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The Least Visited Places in Palawan and Why You Should Go to Each


Image courtesy of: http://www.remotelands.com/ When we say Palawan, there are several places that immediately comes to mind. These locations are usually the most celebrated and sought after by tourists. The thing is, there is more to this island paradise than these usual destinations that make all the buzz. Proving that Palawan has more to show…

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Top 6 Ecotourism Destinations in Palawan


Image courtesy of: notjustbikes.wordpress.com Taking into account the enormity of natural wonders that the island of Palawan has, there is no doubt that the place is filled with ecotourism destinations. From its term, ecotourism is referred to travels that are directly aimed towards sustaining the natural environment of the place. In other words, ecotourism is…

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The 6 Best Tourist Attractions in Coron, Palawan


Image courtesy of: This small and quiet town in the northern part of Palawan is a prominent tourist attraction known for its outstanding tropical settings. It is a popular spot for tourists who want to experience both fun and solitude during their trip. With the abundance of natural wonders in Coron, you sometimes get caught…

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