16 Reasons Why Every Adventure Junkie Should Visit Palawan


Image courtesy of: Patrick Casabuena

There is nothing better and more fulfilling than to have a vacation trip that fulfills your very holiday yearnings. Whether you’re vacationing for self solitude, exciting getaway or that romantic holiday adventure, Palawan is the best place for you. But whatever and whichever kind of vacationing you opt for, this island paradise will always have a spot for the adventure junkies. For those vigorous travelers out there, here are 16 reasons why Palawan should be your next travel destination!

  1. Exciting hidden beaches to escape with
  2. One of a kind underwater haven
  3. The thrill and shill with Ugong Rock Adventure
  4. Endless white sand beach
  5. The world renowned Underground River
  6. Amazing Kayaking experience
  7. Island Hopping to exquisite island destinations
  8. Stirring Wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Feeling at ease at Maquinit Hot Spring, Palawan
  10. The Incredible beauty of Twin Lagoon, Palawan
  11. Enjoying those Local charms
  12. Awesome rock formations like no other
  13. Nonstop water adventures during your trip
  14. Meet and Greet with remarkable creatures
  15. Breathtaking Boat rides
  16. Enjoy serene road trips
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