19 Free Things to Do in Palawan

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Image courtesy of: www.adventureinyou.com

Palawan is popularly referred to as a place filled with diversity of natural graces. Be it land or water, this island paradise flawlessly captures the abundance of nature’s refinement and magic in flying colors. One of the greatest things about Palawan is that you get to enjoy the place without having to spend a dime. Although some island activities require such thing, there are plenty of amazing activities that you can do that are absolutely free. Here are 19 free things you can do in Palawan:

    1. Hitch a ride and go for a Road Travel
    1. Go for a Long Journey on Foot
    1. Explore the Great Outdoors in Camping Trips and Bonfire Adventures
    1. Play, Relax and Meditate by the Sand
    1. Take a Dip in the Blue Green Waters of the Island
    1. Explore the Tropical Rainforest
    1. Go for a Hike in Mt. Tapyas
    1. See Various Island Plantations
    1. See the Different Collection of Historical Tributes and Memoirs
    1. Discover Hidden Beaches and lagoons
    1. Face your Fears and Go for a Leap in the Waters
    1. Explore the Night Food Market
    1. Walk Around Various Parks
    1. Discover Underwater Creatures
    1. Take a Relaxing Time Off in the Quiet Corners
    1. Be Fascinated by the Cheerful Island Atmosphere
    1. Chill by the Seashore
    1. Take Endless Travel Pictures with Breathtaking Backdrops
    1. Be Mesmerize of the Surreal Underwater World
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