Why You Should Go To Palawan Now


Image courtesy of: www.smartotels.co.uk

Palawan is known for many great things: the wide stretch of cream white sand, azure waters that resembles the blue skies and a multifold of breath-taking views that deepens your admiration of the natural wonders. Indeed, there are myriad reasons to go to Palawan and its awesome beach fun is just one of the many. Travelling is one of the several ways that you can bring back the happy disposition in life and journeying to Palawan makes it effortless! Here are 21 reasons why you should go to Palawan:

  1. A breath of fresh air, Mitra’s Ranch
  2. Camping by the beach, Nacpan
  3. Mesmerizing turquoise Waters, Babuyan
  4. Amazing Coral Visuals
  5. Isolated Lagoons
  6. Stunning Bird’s Eye View
  7. Pristine Coastlines, Coron
  8. Spectacular Sunsets
  9. Calm and serene island corners, Irawan
  10. Hiking Adventures, Mt. Thumbpeak
  11. Island’s Big Lagoon
  12. Astounding dining scene, Big Lagoon
  13. Kingfisher Park
  14. Dazzling fine white sand beaches, El Nido
  15. The stimulating view from the top, Mt. Tapyas
  16. Exhilarating Zipline Adventures
  17. Peaceful Retreats
  18. Wide and long stretch of perfectly fine sparkly white sand, Punta Sebaring
  19. Remarkable Natural Springs, Kuyba Almoneca
  20. Private overwater bungalows, Apulit Island
  21. Friendly people and rich culture
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