Stunning New 21 Palawan Sceneries


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Let’s face it: the long hours you spend at work and all the sleepless nights can definitely take a toll on your body. Stress starts to grow and your system don’t seem to function correctly. What you need is a time off to relax and unwind. And what is a better way to do all these than to book a vacation in a place that takes all your worries and stress away- Palawan!

Filled with bountiful natural resources and divine backdrops, this island paradise is the perfect place to get lost and chill out. Here are 21 new stunning Palawan sceneries you need to check:

  1. An uninhabited island in El Nido
  2. Amazing clouds creation seen by the shore
  3. The calm relaxing waves, Narra
  4. The shimmering clear waters gently rolling on the sands, Malcapuya Island
  5. A gorgeous passion pool
  6. A 24 hour Pool Access
  7. Taking pleasure with the breathtaking view from the top
  8. Enjoying a remarkable view for lunch
  9. Wide sparkly sands of Amanpulo
  10. Overlooking the azure waters of Apulit Island
  11. Superb Dining Experience
  12. A showcase of some of the best coral gardens, Starfish Island
  13. Enthralling underwater world, Snake Island
  14. Outdoor Camping, Tagkawayanan Beach
  15. The blazing of that golden light at Mt. Tapyas
  16. Magnificent natural Jacuzzi, Mt. Maquinit Hot Spring
  17. Posing with the finest natural setting, Capusan Beach
  18. A piece of History in a ancient ship ruins, Cuyo
  19. Historical Fort of Taytay, Fuerza de Sta. Isabel
  20. Calm sea and startling cloud formation serving as an outstanding framework for a photo shoot
  21. A captivating and relaxing crystal clear swimming pool setting
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