Local Knowledge

Because we've been there, we know how to make each trip memorable! If you're craving for pizza, we know just the place!

Other travel companies will just persuade you to buy their tour package but won't really care about your personal needs.

Dedicated Travel Assistance

Maybe you've had too much to drink, maybe you're suddenly sick -- we'll be there for you like a friend. We're concerned about taking care of you.

You're sick, you don't know who to call, you don't know where the nearest chemist (pharmacy). Or, you may know where it is but then you can't really stand up 'cause you're so sick.

Small Group

We want each trip to be memorable. We do that by gathering a small number of people per trip (maximum of 15 people per trip). It's not about having large numbers but zero connection.


We want you to learn about how to take care of our environment. If we say don't step on the corals, we're serious and we'll tell you why. These corals are animals!

Other guides may just tell you where to snorkel and not step on the corals but they won't really look after you or the corals. We've seen that ourselves and it honestly breaks our heart to see tourists not know any better.