LetsPalawan Loves

We want travel to work for good. We didn’t start this business just because we want to earn money.

We believe that from our travels, we can make a difference in the world. When we travel, we can do good things.

LetsPalawan travelers will be part of the solution, not the problem.

At LetsPalawan, we believe in the following values:

Love for the Environment

Without our Earth, we are nothing. Without the spectacular natural resources of Palawan, traveling there would not be complete.

We should care for our planet and help to conserve our resources. Let’s stop destroying our environment and help fight illegal activities.

Local Economic Benefits

Tourism helps employ people and gives them livelihood opportunities. We want to employ locals from Palawan and to purchase their local goods in order to help improve their lives.

We also want to train them become more sustainable stewards of their environment.

Respect for Culture

We come from different backgrounds and thanks to travel, we get to learn about each other.

Be open to meeting people. Respect where they’re coming from and be open to the wonders of their culture.