Still searching for this year’s perfect romantic winter getaway spot? Here are 10 locations which, thanks to their unique beauty in winter and their proximity to winter activities are the ideal places for a short snowy vacation. Winter is coming…

  1. Lapland, Finland 

Want to experience incredible winter landscapes where frozen lakes lie between high peaks and snowy hills? Lapland is probably Europe’s largest and least inhabited winter wilderness and therefore an absolute must visit destination for snow and ice lovers.

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  1. Innsbruck, Austria

Most people immediately select Vienna and discard Innsbruck when choosing which city to visit in Austria. The fifth largest Austrian city is nestled between some staggering peaks and close to many winter sports and hiking destinations. Innsbruck is moreover a cultural and academic hub with a large student population and great food and nightlife options. In addition to that, its architectural beauty, enhanced by its mountainous backdrop, adds to the charm of this winter wonderland.

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  1. Stockholm, Sweden

A fantastic metropolis with a large amount of waterfront beauty spots, myriads of cultural institutions and varied food and nightlife options, welcome to Stockholm. The Swedish capital is one of the most progressive and liberal cities in the world and extraordinarily beautiful, especially in winter. It is cold though, very cold.

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  1. Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian capital has become a popular destination thanks to its picturesque Old Town, its vast cultural offer and its buzzing nightlife. What better time to enjoy the charming cobbled streets and the medieval squares than in winter, when the entirety of the city is covered in snow?

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  1. Zurich, Switzerland

The largest Swiss city is one of the most liveable cities on the planet and this certainly doesn’t change in colder months. Its excellent infrastructure, its variety of cultural institutions and its proximity to a large number of ski stations, notably Engelberg, makes Zurich an ideal starting point for a Swiss winter getaway.

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  1. The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are magnificent in summer and even more so in winter. The snow, the cold winds, the white mountains and the frosty paths create fabulous imagery which is the ideal prerequisite for a winter hike. After completing a hike in this staggering frozen wilderness, the only thing better than a warm chimney will be a glass of the finest Scottish Whiskey.

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  1. Munich, Germany

Munich is mostly known for the world-renowned Oktoberfest but the third largest German city is also a fantastic destination for a short winter getaway. The city itself is a cultural, academic and economic powerhouse and utterly gorgeous in winter. It is moreover located close to the jaw dropping Bavarian mountains and some genuinely staggering towns such as Garmisch Partenkirchen, which are ideal winter spots for nature lovers.

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  1. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is the fourth largest Austrian city and like Innsbruck, its mixture of charming Austrian architecture, cultural sights and the proximity to some of the best Austrian ski stations makes this an excellent choice for a short winter getaway trip. Salzburg is in fact close to the ski towns of Obertauern and Zell am See, both of which are right at the top when it comes to Austrian ski stations. In case this doesn’t appeal, Austria has a lot more to offer even if you don’t ski and Salzburg proves that!

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  1. Grenoble, France

Akin to Innsbruck and Salzburg, Grenoble is a second tier city which cannot compete with the likes of Paris and Marseille in the case of France but has nonetheless a lot of cultural sights at its disposal. Grenoble is moreover nestled between the French Alps, thus very close to winter sport locations and and the city constitutes the main academic hub of the region.

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  1. Turin, Italy

Turin is the fourth largest city in Italy and the second largest in Northern Italy. The capital city of the Piedmont region is an ideal winter getaway destination thanks to its location close to a wide range of beautiful mountainous passes and ski stations. Turin is moreover a beautiful town oozing Italian architectural flair and boasting a great number of cultural institutions. Finally, Turin is also a lot less affluent and a lot less pricey than Milan, which renders it an ideal option when deciding which city to include on your trip to Northern Italy.

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