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Aside from basking in the sun and walking in the fine sand, do you like taking snapshots during your travel? The truth is we all do. Part of journeying to another place is documenting the exciting adventures that we’re having. And with today’s social Medias we all want to share the exhilarating and noteworthy events in our exploits.

To step up your game in the photo sharing check out these 11 Must-See, Must-Insta places in Palawan!

1. Sunset shot in the island

The sunset shots in Palawan are something you shouldn’t miss adding to your feeds. The incredible site of the high heavens with its fiery glow is just so magical to gaze at.

2. Walkways

The dramatic walkway captures will always be a classic shot in any island vacation. In Palawan, you’ll get to capture the serenity of the place and the enthralling waters on the side in any walkway photos you’ll take.

3. Post-card perfect island and islets

With the number of island and islets in Palawan, you can always have a quiet venue for a photo shoot. And since they are uninhabited, you don’t need to worry with the mass of people ruining your shots.

4. Nacpan Coastline

The tranquility of Nacpan Beach calls for a perfect Insta moment. The fine white sand hugged by the stunning aquamarine waters is a faultless subject for a travel snapshot.

5. The wide sand expanse at Snake Island

The fascinating sandbar at Snake Island can’t simply be missed for a photo session. The long stretch of white sands in the middle of the azure waters is the best place for taking photographs.

6. The view at Mt. Tapyas

Being the second highest peak in Coron, Mt. Tapyas grants you the best view of the stilly town. Capture the overlooking view of Coron together with the neighboring islands under the dazzling bright skies.

7. El Nido’s skies

Witness the blazing skies in El Nido as the sun sets on its horizon. Together with the beautiful sceneries and the stillness of the location, it makes a gorgeous travel shot worthy to be shared.

8. Sea sides

Nothing beats a classic sea side capture of the island. The peaceful waters and the jagged mountain sides all create that relaxing island atmosphere.

9. Traveling on waters

Being on the boat does not only allow you to enjoy the smooth water ride but lets you revel over the beautiful landscapes as well. The experience you get from traversing on the waters of Palawan is beyond compare.

10. Shorelines

The surreal colors of Palawan beaches are undeniably sedative. The kilometer long of white sand, turquoise waters and the lush greens of the shady trees are so vibrant that at some point it almost looks unreal.

11. Lagoons

Palawan’s Lagoons provides one of the most mystical settings in the island. The towering limestone walls, crystal clear waters and the serenity of the place makes you feel like you’re in wonderland.

Palawan is a place that exhibits more than your expectations. It’s a place that has so much under its sleeves other that the usual attractions known to many. What makes Palawan special is the fact that it constantly amazes you with its magnificence. There is always something that brings you to elation during your journey to this island.

Do you want to take amazing travel shots in one of these places in Palawan?

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