1. Coron Wreck Diving
  2. Coron might be renowned for numerous things but one of the best features of this island is its remarkable underwater wreck displays. These World War II vessels have been laid down to their final resting place in the azure waters of Coron. It had increasingly become a popular preference for diving enthusiasts all over the globe to swim in those nooks and caverns of these historical vessels. Take a dip into the deeps waters and witness history unfolds before your very eyes.

  3. Enthralling white sand beaches
  4. A trip to Coron is incomplete without having to experience its majestic crystal clear waters. Coron is blessed with plentiful sparkling white beaches set in the different areas of the island. Some of these include, Malcapuya, Atuayan, Banol and Banana Island – all of which are dubbed as paradises on earth.

  5. Coron’s cliffs and peak offers the finest bird’s eye view
  6. There is more to Coron than just its mesmerizing clear waters. To truly capture the beguiling beauty of the island, you need to hike up to the top. That’s right, a little journeying on foot and Coron will hand you a view that will leave you speechless with amazement. It might be a bit of a challenge and requires a few sweats but the destination is definitely worth every step and every sweat!

  7. Lakes, lagoons and Secret Spots
  8. Since Coron has become a flagship destination for travelers, some of the beaches might be crowded at times with tourists. If you’re seeking to have a quiet escape and would appreciate some tranquility while still enjoying the waters, there are lakes and lagoons that you can go to. Hop from one lake to another and discover its captivating views and secret spots where you can do some unwinding on your own. Barracuda and Kayangan Lake are renowned lakes known for being the clearest and cleanest lakes in the country.

  9. Abundance of Marine Life
  10. With the island’s grand waters comes rich marine life. Coron is blessed with a multiplicity of water creatures varying from specie to specie. With that being said, as a traveler to this island, it is crucial for you to know the ones that you should be careful with. Other than that, enjoy the sensational underwater exhibits brought to you by these marvelous aquatic animals.

  11. Exploring Coron by land
  12. The beauty of the island is not only concentrated on its waters and all those underlying down there. The allure of Coron is extended on its terrain. Cruise around the island with a motorbike perhaps and enjoy the scenic views along the way while altogether enjoying the serenity of the place.

  13. A stunning sky painting
  14. If there’s one thing you need to know about Coron is that it grants you with startling displays of the golden sun set high up in the skies. The sunset and sunrise presentations in the island are just simply one-of-a-kind. In Coron, Mt. Tapyas is considered as one of the best places to catch those astonishing island sunset views.

  15. Fine white sands for days
  16. The island is embraced with wide stretches of fine white sands that add refinement to this already astounding tropical paradise. White sand beaches can be seen all over the island and these are perfect venues for beach activities including those relaxing feast and lounging session alongshore.

  17. Souvenir shopping in Coron
  18. With Coron’s wealth in its natural resources, coupled with its sensational cultures, traditions and arts, the exhibits in their various pieces of works and artistry embodies their affluent heritage. These great works will definitely leave you inspired and impressed. From wood carvings to exquisite weaving and beading crafts, all these and more showcase the communities’ skills and creativity.

  19. Relaxing Nooks and corners in Coron
  20. Apart from the usual beach scenes of the island where frenzy of activities are held and most people flock to, Coron also have secret corners for those who want to spend time in the quiet. These peaceful spots make perfect hideouts for serene retreats. These nooks provide you with your very own piece of paradise where you can enjoy that gratifying calmness you were searching for.

  21. Safari in Coron
  22. That’s right, a Safari in an island. The Calauit Safari Park is Coron’s famous game reserve and wildlife sanctuary where an array of wildlife creatures can be found. Zebras, giraffes, gazelles – all these and more are featured in the celebrated Safari Park where they all welcome its visitors with their elegance and grace.

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