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Tired of the very same places around the world? Wish you could go somewhere different? Then how about for Asia travel experience of a lifetime? I’m talking about packing your bags and travelling to the famous islands of the Philippines starring the beautiful and sunny Palawan!

 Located in the western side of the smorgasbord of island paradises known as the Philippines, Palawan is one of the best island destinations in the world. From white sandy beaches to unique island formations to jungle safaris to welcoming smiles, this is the place where you can have the most enjoyable travel experience in your life. Still not convinced? Well we got twelve things that can give you a heads-up on your travel prospects.

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      Information on what makes the Philippines a very enchanting island paradise to go to.

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    2. Palawan Guide


Your guide inside Palawan and the places that make the island unique from the others.

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    Proof that the Philippines is still the formidable fortress that can take such a beating from natural disasters and still look sitting pretty as the most beautiful paradise around.

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    These other island paradises got nothing on Palawan, as it still lords over all as the best island vacation paradise in the world.

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  4. World’s Best Islands 2013

    By STEPHANIE ORMA – Travel + Leisure

    With unspoiled beauty, seascapes, and lush vegetation, Palawan is STILL the undisputed island paradise in the whole wide world.

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    From natural phenomena to historical landmarks, these are the destinations that make the Philippines a cut above the rest of the world.

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    10 convincing reasons as to why the Philippines is one of the best places you might explore and experience.

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  7. The Philippines’ best beaches and islands


    The Philippines is very well-known for beautiful and pristine beaches and celebrating coasts, and these places serve as a menu for your travelling pleasure.

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  8. 28 Reasons You Should Absolutely Never Visit The Philippines


    Here is a piece that would give you a taste of your own medicine and a change of heart.

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    You want to know why you should travel to the Philippines, where to go, what to eat, and everything under the sun? From Sagada to Zamboanga, and of course, never forget Palawan — this is your guide to fun, food, and leisure around the islands.

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  10. Palawan, The Most Beautiful Island in the World, Is Sheer Perfection

    BY CARLY LEDBETTER – The Huffington Post

    The most perfect island paradise in the Philippines, Palawan is where your whole travelling experience is made most worthwhile, with its clear waters, fascinating flora and fauna, and welcoming populace that makes it a traveler’s mecca.

    Flickr:roslyn / Creative Commons

From underwater worlds in the north to the pristine caves in the south, there is no telling what Palawan can offer that is unique from the rest of the world. With beautiful turquoise-colored waters, white sands, and lush green vegetation, Palawan is always considered “Heaven on Earth” with its beautiful sceneries and the smiles of the people living there. There is NO WAY in this world can ever beat the wonders of the island rich with beauty.

So if you want your summer vacation experience to become the best that you have ever, set a date with destiny, pack your luggage, and come on down to phenomenal Palawan, where all the excitement is just a sandy step away. Once you set foot on the island, rest assured you will not regret with the maximum levels of fun that the island offers to even the most experienced of explorers.

On that note, we invite you to explore the beautiful islands of the Philippines.

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