1. Marvel at the curves of history
  2. Nature appreciation made even more exciting with the creative display of précised and polished rock formations guarantee to leave you speechless.

  3. One word: Tranquility
  4. There will always be a perfect spot for you in Palawan. If being with the lively mob of travelers is not your thing then you can certainly take the time off and settle down in the quiet outdoor away from the clamor.

  5. Crystal Clear Waters
  6. A different water dipping experience brought to you by the crystal clear waters of Palawan. It is unbelievably clear that you can have a good sight of the beautiful rock structures and vivid coral formations from down under.

  7. Kayaking
  8. A perfect way to spend the afternoon sunset is paddling along the sparkly waters of the island gazing on that magical illuminating wonder positioned on that stunning horizon.

  9. Holiday breaks are made even more fulfilling
  10. With its mesmerizing waters, countless adventures and spectacular panoramic views, it is no wonder why having a holiday getaway to this island paradise with friends and families are made even more rewarding.

  11. A kiteboarder’s paradise
  12. Opening its doors to every fun activity, Palawan is home to the invigorating water sport –Kiteboarding. What’s the best way of enjoying this outdoor water sport than to have it in the best waters there is. That is Palawan waters.

  13. Redefining Tropical Paradise
  14. Everything you want to wind down is offered in Palawan. Seriously. Perfect waters, sparkling sand, great resorts, captivating sceneries, tranquility, good food, endless fun activities and many more! A trip to this island heaven is no ordinary getaway.

  15. Abundance in Organic Produce
  16. Rich in both land and waters, Palawan is also known for the bounty of organic goodness. A journey to organic farms and gardens are perfect exploits for your lungs and eyes with its fresh clean air and green pasture.

  17. Moving Water Journeys
  18. Getting to see stunning lakes and lagoons and other secret spots are made possible with relaxing boat trips. It’s an ideal way to witness the beauty of the island through its curves by traversing on its waters.

  19. Exciting Island Hopping Tours
  20. Since Palawan is home to the other incredible islets, getting to experience their beauty means having to engage in a thrilling island hopping escapade. A distinguish tropical magnificence in every island indeed.

  21. So Picturesque, Palawan
  22. Great Island views after another just goes to show that Palawan never runs out of splendor to inspire you. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t seen enough. Palawan will always be an island full of surprises!

  23. Endless Sunset shots
  24. Sunset shots in this island are just incredibly mind blowing. Yes, you might have experienced watching the sun set in other places, but believe me; the sunsets in Palawan just have that extra magical glow that will leave you flabbergasted.

  25. Memorable Island Memories
  26. Palawan adventures are different from others and there are definitely hundred thousand reasons why they are. The place is just surrounded with pure bliss and magic that your experience in the island will leave you content and elated in a different way. It is certainly a place of retreat.

  27. A place of Peace
  28. The serenity of the place just provides you with the perfect venue for self reflection and meditation. The island’s calmness will surely elevate your spiritual health in a very moving way. For a place of peace, Palawan it is.

  29. A wide line of cool resorts
  30. What makes a Palawan the best place to head to for your next island trip is that it provides you with a wide range of cool beach resorts. All these beach inns had their own unique styles and approaches. Whichever mood you’re in or whatever theme you’ll have in mind for parties or meetings, you can surely get it.

  31. Walking on shores
  32. With its endless beaches, Palawan provides you with the best spots for having that perfect “walking by the beach” set-up. What a great way to appreciate the island’s beauty by getting in touch with it in bare feet.

  33. Windsurfing
  34. Palawan is known for many extreme water sports and aside from the renowned underwater diving, water surfing in these clear waters is one water sport that will indisputably define your holiday. Heart pumping adventures are made better when you’re in a splendid island paradise like Palawan.

  35. Meeting interesting island critters
  36. There are thousands of amazing creatures that fills in this beautiful paradise. Whether it’s on land, on air or in the waters, you will never get tired learning and meeting new kinds of creatures.

  37. Wilderness
  38. Just when you think that Palawan is all about waters and more waters you’re wrong! Palawan is bountiful in many ways and these include spectacular rainforests. The island is full of tropical rain forest that serves as a refuge for various plant and animal life. It is a perfect place to get a good hike and a clean fresh view.

  39. Dream lunch at the sea
  40. Tropical getaways are made even better when the food is served superbly. In Palawan, your dream seafood buffet is certainly within reach. Fresh and scrumptious seafood delights are made hot from the waters thus making sure that you are always getting the best when you’re in Palawan.

  41. A touch of Africa
  42. Not only does Palawan embrace its remarkable marine life, but this island paradise also nurtures its land resources and these include the different animal sanctuaries that are available throughout the island.

  43. You get to know the waters at a different level
  44. Since the place is surrounded by waters, your trip to Palawan lets you experience the charm and power of the waters at a different level. An experience with the waters of Palawan is a bond with nature that you can never put in plain words –just simply enchanting.

  45. It makes you appreciate Nature more
  46. There will always be something with your trip to Palawan that will make you feel grateful with nature. Water sports, underwater diving, sunset watching and many others are just few of the many experiences you’ll have in Palawan that grants you a new respect for the natural world.

  47. Palawan let’s you experience total happiness
  48. Just when you think you felt happiness before, Palawan let’s you experience happiness like you’ve never felt it before. This island makes you feel like royalty that you can’t help but feel extra special.

  49. Spending the day in the wild
  50. Zebras, giraffes, and crocodiles –these are just few of the many wild animals that you can meet and greet when you’re in Palawan. Like what have been said before, Palawan is a diversity of the natural creations.

  51. Intense meet and greet
  52. There are many ways you can feel and experience Palawan and this does not only cover its famous water trips. If you want to see Palawan in a different way, exciting motorcycles and helicopter rides are few options you can get to have a different extreme feel of this island paradise.

  53. Perfect cozy spots
  54. Palawan has many secret locations that you can enjoy away from the busy scene. It provides its guests with numerous refined secluded areas where you can chill and relax.These locations just define simplicity at its best.

  55. The Island’s warmth
  56. What makes Palawan a truly exceptional place to be is the hospitality and companionship you get from the locals and nature. True to its character, Palawan Island makes you feel like you’re never alone. The connection that’s created in this island paradise is a bond that you’ll treasure in a lifetime. It’s the friendliness and generosity you’ll get from the people around that makes your Palawan trip a trip you’ll never forget.

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