Planning a trip to Phuket, Thailand soon and want to sort out your daily activities. Don’t worry, we have you covered. My partner and I just came back from a 5 day/6 night trip to Phuket, it was amazing! Below you will find an outlined itinerary of our stay on the island.

Everything we did, where we stayed, what we ate and everything else in between. We had previously been to Phuket but both came down sick with the flu, so we didn’t manage to do as many activities. This time our holiday was jam-packed with fun and exciting things to do, but also the perfect places to sit and relax with a beer.

The list below is all of the most popular activities to do and places to visit during your stay on Phuket. These are a lot and you wouldn’t be able to fit all of these in 5 days, unfortunately. In case one of the activities or places we went to doesn’t float your boat, you could switch it with another option on the list below:

  1. Big Buddha
  2. Kata Noi Beach
  3. Patong Beach
  4. Karon View Point
  5. Visit the night markets
  6. Thai cooking class
  7. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary
  8. Monkey Hill
  9. Boat trips to Phang Nga Bay and Phi phi
  10. Trickeye Museum
  11. James Bond Island
  12. Dolphins Bay
  13. Areal Extream, Flying Hanuman
  14.  Khao Rang Viewpoint
  15. Prompthep Cape

Now for our itinerary. We landed on a Monday and left on a Saturday, so we ended up having four full days to spend on the island in between traveling.

Day one: Monday

Our flight in Bangkok ended up being Delayed an hour so we finally arrived in Phuket at 18:00. We decided to rent a bike for the trip since it was cheaper, easier and more convenient than a taxi, plus we both know how to ride so seemed like the best transportation option. We rented through a company called “Asian Scooter & Car Rental at Phuket”, we chose here due to how close it was to the airport. We contacted them through Whatsapp, picked our bike, dates and were given a price. For 6 days the cost came to 1,200 Baht which is a really good price for a touristy island.

The price also included pick up and drop off to and from the airport. I had a really great experience with this company and I have used them twice now and would again. To rent a bike you will need:

  • Passport (for them to scan and give back)
  • Drivers Licence from your home country
  • International Drivers Licence
  • 3,000 Baht deposit (You will get this back when you return the bike)

Once we had the bike we drove for about 50 minutes to get to our hotel. We decided to stay at “Modern Living Hotel” in Patong. The hotel was cheap and right over the road from the beach. The hotel its self was relatively clean, the rooms were a bit small but we didn’t need much for the 5 nights we stayed. Overall, I would recommend this hotel as we had a good experience. The only down point was during the last night there was a bad storm and the lights were flashing and we had no water in the showers, or toilet for around 12 hours. This meant we couldn’t shower before we left for our flight, the lift also stopped working as we were checking out. Apart from this, we had a good stay and the location was great.

In the evening we ate some street food, walked around the Patong beach area, stopped at some of the outdoor markets and then sat on the beach and watched the waves under the moonlight.

Day two: Tuesday

This was our first full day of the holiday. We got up about 10am and drove the bike down to the Big Buddha. As much as I love the Big Buddha statue, the road winding up to the top is filled with sadness and abuse. Every twist and turn you will find elephants chained to trees or the floor. Forced to stand out under the blistering sun, waiting for clueless tourists to pay to take pictures with or ride. This was a really sad sight and definitely ruined the experience visiting the Big Buddha statue. The statue in its self is beautiful but the exploitation and abuse of these animals it hard to overlook. If you want to understand more about why riding elephants should be avoided, click here.

The Big Buddha statue itself is stunning. The statue is huge and beautifully created. The view from the top is immense. You can see all over Phuket, and amazing views of the sea! Entrance is free, and there are plantly of car parking spaces. They also have nice toilets, a little cafe, and a few shops that sell drinks, snacks, clothing, and gifts. Please remember to dress respectfully when you visit her. This means, cover shoulders, stomachs, and knees. If you are wearing shorts you can borrow a wrap skirt to cover yourself with. This is out of respect for the monks and the Buddhist religion. If you want to eat somewhere else the road leading up to the statue has a few different cafes with amazing views!

After here, we visited the Prompthep Cape. It was a hot day, so the walk to the viewpoint was hard but definitely worth it. The view was perfect, almost unreal. The sea was sparkling and there where little green islands around the coast. We decided to walk right down to the bottom of the Cape to the sea line. This was a steep walk, and very slippy at points. Be careful if you decide to walk down and don’t do the walk-in bad weather. There are a few different shops by the carpark, these sell clothing, ice cream, drinks, and gifts. This was my favorite part of the trip as the view was just so beautiful.


Day Three: Wednesday

Today we decided to have a chilled day. We had a nice lay in bed until about 11:00am, then we went to the Jungceylon Shopping Centre. Here we did some clothes shopping, ate at the MK Gold restaurant, and played basketball in the arcade. After a few hours, we left and headed back to Patong Beach. We rented two deck chairs, sat and relaxed.

After this, we went back to the hotel, took a nap and then went out in the evening. We ate at our favorite Mexican Resturant, Salsa Mexicana Patong. We ordered Fish, Nachos, and many other dishes, these were delicious as always! In the nighttime, we walked through the streets of Patong, did some shopping and then visited Bangla Road. If you have never heard of Bangla road, then I’ll tell you to know you’ll either love it or hate it!

In the nighttime,  Bangla Road becomes the hight of entertainment. The road is packed with bars, tattoo studios, nightclubs, and shops. Hundreds of tourists who visit Phuket flock to Bangla Road to experience this crazy scene. You will be bombarded with girls dancing on tables, people offering discounts of beer and endless offers of ping-pong shows or strip clubs. It’s a crazy experience walking through the street but definitely something you won’t forget. Some families even brought their young children with them, not sure how I feel about this but each to their own!

Day 4: Thursday

Today was Fluke’s Birthday so we decided to go on a boat tour. Our hotel offered us a really good deal, 2400 Baht for two people. The program for the day was:

  • 9:00am Pick up from our hotel, then driven to the pier. Here you are offered free tea and coffee. Once on our boat, we would be taken to Khai Nui Island for snorkeling.
  • Then the boat would go to Knai Nai Island for sightseeing and more swimming and snorkeling.
  • Then visit Yao Yai Island and then to Phi Phi Lay Island. Here you can see Maya Beach, Leh Samah Bay, Pileh Lagoon and Viking Cave.
  • The travel to Phi Phi Don Island, here relax, eat and shop for 2 hours. Buffet style lunch is included. When finished join the boat again and head to Monkey Island. Then back to the pier.
  • At 16:50pm a minivan will take you back to your hotel from the pier.

This was our intended plan but the day did not end up going that smoothly. When we got picked up and loaded onto the minivan, Fluke already started feeling motion sick. When we arrived at the pier, there was a lot of people. Everyone was given a colored band and this was the color of your boat and group. Ours had to be changed to a different color and there was a bit of a hassle over that and getting everyone the correct bands. Then we headed to our boat, it turned out to be a speedboat. If I knew this in advance I would have booked a different tour.

We got onto the boat an there was about 30/40 of us. I chose to sit at the front near the wall of the boat, I’m happy I did! The first part of the boat journey was nice, a bit bumpy but overall fine. They played some loud music for everyone to listen to until we arrived at the first location. As soon as the boat stopped I had to run outside of the boat because I needed to be sick! I never realized how badly boat sick I was up until this point. I threw myself over the edge of the boat and tried my best not to be sick, the water was so pretty! I didn’t want to ruin it or people to see me. Fluke found me a plastic bag but by this point, I had calmed down slightly. Most people went snorkeling but I, fluke and a few others sat up on the boat and got some fresh air. The boat was rocking like crazy!

After about half an hour we moved on to the next location, this was a 30-minute boat drive away and as soon as we arrived I was sick. Luckily I still had my plastic bag so I hid in the corner of the boat with fluke rubbing my back and holding back my hair while I was violently sick. Then I could hear other’s shouting for bags from the other end of the boat. Everyone was very sick! The caption rushed this stop slightly due to the amount of sick being brought up by everyone and carried on to the sightseeing stops. This is when Fluke joined me in being sick. He turned so white, and couldn’t stop sweating, he was trying to keep it down and also care for me at the same time!

This was not a fun trip, I was so sick I couldn’t even stand up to see the sights such as Maya beach or the monkeys swimming in the water! At 13:00 we arrived at Phi Phi Lay Island and I have honestly never been happier than when I stood on the dry land. We ran straight to the toilet while everyone else went straight to the free food. We decided we couldn’t eat right away after being on the boat, our stomaches were still doing flips. The food also didn’t really look very appetizing. We walked around for a while and was told to be back at the boat at 15:00. We really ddn’t want to get back on the speed boat but we were stuck on an island and had to return. I even looked into how much it would be to take a helicopter back to the mainland, 85,000 Baht…ok not an option!

We decided to have a walk around, looked in the shops, we stopped at a restaurant by the beach and eat some food. Phi Phi Lay is a beautiful island but we just couldn’t enjoy it because of how sick and tired we were from the speedboat. We thought about or options as we ate and seen a sign for a ferry to Phuket. We decided to go and see how much it was and when it left. It was a huge ferry and only 350 Baht per person so we decided to do this, we just needed to get back to our hotel. We were going to go and inform the tour group leaders but the lady said we had no time and that the boat left from the other side of the beach in 15 minutes, so we had to grab our stuff and run! We just made it to the ferry and I could have cried. It was a beautiful, HUGE ferry! We sat on the bottom and it was empty, as soon as we got on the ferry left. We both laid down on the rows of chairs and slept the two-hour ride, and we weren’t sick once!

Top Tips for a Boat Trip
  • DON’T go on a speed boat if you get even remotely motion sick! Book a ferry or big boat tour instead.
  • Wear suncream, you’ll be outside most of the day.
  • Bring a waterproof phone case so you don’t break your phone.
  • Take some medication if you do get motion sickness, it might help!
  • If you’re worried about hurting your feet, wear swimming shoes.
  • Bring a waterproof bag if you worried about leaving your valuables on the boat alone.
  • Bring extra money for activities and shopping while on the island.

I feel bad about not informing the tour guides, but they said if anyone wasn’t on the boat at the given time then they would just leave. We were so sick, we just had to get back and I’m happy we did. Once we arrived, we booked a taxi and went straight back to our hotel, showered and slept. So, Fluke’s birthday wasn’t exactly as fun as we thought it would have been but we couldn’t have predicted how sick we were going to be! We celebrate Fluke’s birthday in the evening by eating so much food at our favorite restaurant, playing pool in the arcade, going to the bars, and then finished the night off by eating burgers on the beach.

Day 5: Friday

We decided to have another chill day today. We were going to see some of the other beaches around the island and take a drive but when we woke up the rain was horrendous! It stormed so much even the lights in our hotel room were flashing and we lost water. In the morning I decided I wanted a tattoo of my beloved hedgehog Snowie. I found Tattoo SN Tattoo Family along Patong beach. I went in and spoke to them and they were great! I sent them the picture of her I wanted and when it was finished, it was perfect. It looked just liked her,  and it only cost 1500 Baht! I’m thrilled with my tattoo, I love it so much and would definitely recommend this studio to others wanting a tattoo in Phuket.

After my tattoo, we went back to the hotel but didn’t want to stay indoor’s all day so we took a very rainy bike ride to Central Festival Phuket which is a giant shopping center. This is a nice place to kill a few hours, they have shops, restaurants, and my favorite clothing shop, H&M. We ate some food did a bit of shopping then we went back to the room.  By the evening the rain had slightly died down but now completely so we spend the evening playing pool in the arcade on Bangla Road. We had a great evening and then called it a night early since our flight was at 11am the next day.

Day 6: Saturday

On Saturday we had to be up pretty early to pack and return the bike. The rain was horrible and we had to drive for about an hour in the rain back to the bike store. We made it back in one piece and then the lady drove us to the airport. Our flight, for once wasn’t delayed!

We love Phuket, this was our second visit and I still feel like we missed out on so much! I really enjoyed staying in Paton, I wasn’t sure if I would because I’m not a fan of being around crowds of people but it was really fun and nice being in walking distance to everything. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, I would recommend staying further away from the coastal areas and tourist areas, but if your looking for somewhere buzzing with activity then check out Patong.






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