In today’s modern times, sharing information and experiences is as easy as 123. The thing is we can link ourselves to other people all over the globe with just a click of a button. Selfies on the other hand is one occurrence that immensely took over the online world by storm. 90% of today’s population had taken their selfies and had them posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social Medias for other individuals to see.

When we talk about selfies or sharing photos online, we’re basically putting ourselves out there for public consumption and for most times, this experience is gratifying! But of course, this undertaking is grounded on the notion of affirmation. An affirmation of identity, presence or an avatar of yourself on a given moment, shared to the whole wide world with a self-governing statement saying “I’m here” while instinctively thinking for our followers to hit that like button and hope it goes viral.

As much as we would like to think that the selfie game would be a disappearing act in time, the truth is, it’s far from being a trend that will be drowning down the drain anytime soon. With the pace that’s taken by social media mania, it can be said that Selfie games are far from being departed.

And since they are definitely here to stay why not make this a good platform to spread the wonderful sights our eyes have landed on. Turning our table to the island dubbed as the Last Frontier of the Philippines, Palawan is a celebrated spot for travel selfies. I mean, who wouldn’t want to snap an incredible photo shot behind an amazing rock formation as a backdrop? Or perhaps snapping selfies submerged underwater with its stunning underwater artistry?

One can’t even depict the true beauty of Palawan. You couldn’t even imagine the countless fun things you can do in this island paradise. Luscious forests, heavenly shaped cliffs and mountains, World War 2 Japanese shipwrecks, scuba diving, wind surfing, underground cave and rivers, a touch of safari with all the African animals, snorkeling and coral watching and trekking. These are just few of the many exciting activities you can do in Palawan.

Surely you can’t miss the once in a lifetime moment to walk on the prestigious shores of Palawan and you have those countless selfies captured in your camera roll to document and share such astounding travel experience!

Taking the selfie game up a notch, the “Lets Palawan Selfie Phenomenon” activity lets you share your gorgeous Palawan selfies while delineating what a picturesque place the island is. When in Palawan, your bragging rights are on extreme level! It carries on the slogan that Palawan is not just beautiful, it’s incredibly beautiful.

Geared up with the aptitude of selfie taking and stunning island views, combine the two and you’ll have an amazing creation that you can share in the entire social media world –letting people see and experience what a magical place Palawan truly is.

Here are the 5 best Lets Palawan Selfie Phenomenon winners who did not only share their best selfie or photo in Palawan, but also followed the rules properly. Indicated are the main mechanics of the activity;

  1. Follow @letspalawan
  2. Use the hashtags: #letspalawan #letspalawanselfiephenomenon; and
  3. Tag 2 of your friends in their photos

And as promised these photos of the Top 5 winners will be featured on lets Palawan Instagram account.

With a massive number of Instagram users who participated in the activity, unfortunately, only 5 individuals were chosen as they were the only ones who had completely followed the rules and mechanics of the activity. But don’t frown just yet! Because we also included your shameless selfies here!

1. A great selfie comes with a smile of course.

2. Don’t just take selfie behind a plain wall. An awesome background is part of a great selfie, right?

3. Add that to your list of refreshing concepts – an underwater photo.

4. It wouldn’t be called an awesome photo if you’re missing out on all the action.

5. That magical moment when you get the perfect angle.

6. Beautiful photos of Palawan


A thousand thank you’s to each and everyone who participated and shared their best photo and selfie in Palawan earnestly for this one. Don’t forget to also visit their site for any travel inspirations.

P.S This post is part of Lets Palawan teams’s Selfie Phenomenon activity. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram for more exciting stories like this one. .

A thousand thank you’s to each and everyone who participated and shared their best photo and selfie in Palawan earnestly for this one. Don’t forget to also visit their site for any travel inspirations.

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