When most people think of the UK they naturally think of grey skies and rain, although this is true for most of the time. On occasion, we do get a few nice days of sun. I like to try to take full advantage of the rare sunny days we get here and spend the time exploring and walking. There are so many beautiful places to walk in the UK and although I would love to, I have not had the chance to explore them all. Some of the main places I would love to walk and explore are the cliffs of Moher in Ireland, Arthur’s Seat in Scotland and Scafell Pike in England. As I enjoy walking so much and it is a huge part of my life I thought I would share my favourite places to walk. I live in the North West of England (Liverpool area) so most of the places I walk are relatively close to me, although if I have the time and money I will venture further away. Here are my top 5 favourite places to walk in the UK:

5. Pistyll Phaeadr, Wales 
Pistil Phaeadr is a beautiful waterfall in the Berwyn Mountains, just inside Wales. Standing at 80m high, it is Britain’s tallest and one of the most breathtaking waterfalls I’ve seen. It’s a great place to walk and explore the Berwyn Mountains and offers many walks to suit any ability of walkers. If you’re looking for some food or drink then you’re in luck, Tan-y-Pistyll is a little house next to the waterfall. They have a tea room and B&B accommodation for people to use, and there is also a lovely campsite with stunning views of the waterfall. Pistyll Phaeadr is an amazing waterfall and it’s a bit off the beaten track so it’s not too touristy either which is great!

4. Thurstaston Hill, England
Thurstason Hill (Thurstaston Common) and Royden Park is a large area of heath and woodland on the Wirral Peninsula and stands at 90 meters above sea level. It is owned by the Wirral Borough Council and The National Trust. It’s home to rare plants such as marsh gentian and oblong-leaved sundew, and animals such as common lizards and birds like the yellow-hammer and meadow pipit. It offers some incredible views including the Liverpool skyline, the Welsh hills over the River Dee. As well as its stunning views, Thurstaston hill also has something called Thor’s Stone. Thor’s Stone is a large red sandstone right in the middle of the common, although not much is known about the history of this stone it’s believed that early Viking settlers might have held religious ceremonies there to please their Gods. Thor’s stone stands at 50 feet in length, 30 feet wide by 25 foot high and has stood for over thousands of years. Over the year’s Thor’s stone has been used as a hang out for young teenagers and unfortunately now is covered in graffiti, strangely it still looks magical covered in writing, and people can climb to the top of it if they feel like it. It is definitely something different to visit and not many people know about it.

3. Delamere Forest, England
Delamere forest is Located in Cheshire, England and is open all year round. It is one of Cheshire’s largest area of woodland, and a great place for wildlife including butterflies, woodpeckers, siskin and southern hawker dragonfly. There is a lake right in the middle of the forest called Blakemore lake, here there are nesting black headed gulls that you will be able to see and hear and the noise is just astonishing. If you’re looking for something fun to do, there is a Go Ape situated right in the middle of the forest, this tree top adventure gives you the best views of the lake. If you do not fancy walking around the forest but still want to see the beauty it has to offer then segwaying around the forest is for you! Whether you’re there for a walk or activities, Delamere Forest is the perfect day out for anyone and everyone.

2. Moel Famau, Wales
Moel Famau will always have a special place in my heart because a lot of my childhood memories with my mother were spent here. It’s a beautiful hill that stands at 554 meters above sea level. Moel Famau can be found in a country park near Loggerheads in North Wales. At the bottom of the hill, there is parking (paid parking), children’s play area and toilets but there are no toilets once on the hill. Although it is only classed as a hill it does have some steep areas so wear suitable clothing and footwear and check the weather forecast before you set off. It offers stunning views of North Wales and is a great day out.

1. Snowdon, Wales.
My all time favourite place to walk in the UK has to be Snowdon! Snowdon or Yr Wyddfa in Welsh is the highest mountain in Wales and England and in my opinion one of the most beautiful. This beast of a mountain is 1085 meters above sea level and there are six different official paths that can be walked to get to the summit. These are The Llanberis Path, PYG Track, Miners’ Track, Watkin Path, Rhyd-Ddu Path or the Snowdon Ranger Path. Whatever age or walking ability you have, there will be a walk suited for you. If you really do not want to walk up, then there is a train that can take you straight to the summit but I highly recommend walking it!

Snowdon should not be taken for granted and you should always check the weather forecast before you start, and always carry waterproof clothing and warm clothes with you. Depending on the path you choose to walk, it could take anything from 4 hours to 8 hours to walk to the top and back. I walked the Llanberis path in 6 and a half hours with plenty of stops in-between. If climbing mountains aren’t really your thing then there are plenty of activities that can be done all over Snowdonia. Some of these include boat trips, paintballing, zip lines, tree top adventures, fishing, water sports, biking, golfing and many more activities.

If you’re ever in Wales or close by I 100% recommend visiting Snowdon, its breath-taking, panoramic views should not be missed!

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