After what felt like a solid week of hibernation, we started off the weekend on Friday night with dinner at an Indian restaurant in Paris’ 10th arrondissement called Chettinadu Mess Restaurant.  We went with the two Americans and one British friend from my French class along with their husbands.  We’d never been up to that part of town and as soon as we stepped off the metro we could smell the wonderful curry scents wafting from the restaurants all lined up in a row.  The one we went to had good reviews online but was fairy empty.  We inadvertently ordered a lot of food (I think we were just so excited to finally have Indian food) but sadly it was nothing like New Asian Village in Edmonton (which I’m sure isn’t the epitome of Indian food but it’s what we know).  It was a cheap and cheerful meal shared with the Anglophone contingent of our class… and we’re all together again this semester too!

The next day, we lazily woke up and decided to check out the Musee Chaillot. There is currently an exhibit showcasing the Art Deco movement which I thought would be interesting to see.  We learned it actually started in France with an expo in 1925 called Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs and Industriels Modernes, which is how it got the name “Art Deco”. The exhibit had some interesting pieces, some furniture and a nice comparison of Art Deco versus Art Nouveau which preceded it. There were mostly photos and paintings and it ended with different rooms representing big cities around the world where Art deco made it’s mark.  For example, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (which we’ve visited) is the largest Art Deco statue in the world.  It was sculpted by a French-Polish sculpture in Paris.  (things that make you go ‘um’).

All in all a nice way to spend the afternoon but I could have down without the brutal uphill bike ride we took to get to the museum which is located at Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

Here’s some more HDR fun from our walk home.

Later that night we met some friends for drinks at Le Coq.  It is a dimly lit small space with about 8 low lying couches (more like ottomans since there are no backs or sides) and small tables.  The menu was simply cocktails and some small snacks.  The music was good and not too loud.  It got pretty busy as the night went on and the service was very good.  We didn’t have a reservation and were about to be seated at the bar when I asked if we could sit on the empty couch with the table in front of it.  He said it was reserved in an hour but we could sit until then, and in the end,  we stayed there all night so it was perfect.  It’s a place I’d definitely go back and it was nice to hear only locals.

We capped off the weekend watching the Olympics.  I love technology!  We’ve been streaming good ol’ CBC through a VPN program and onto the TV.  I quickly got tired of hearing the French commentary on the French cable channels and was really missing hearing about and watching the Canadian athletes, so I was motivated to figure out how to hook it all up.  And voila! Watching Canada kick ass.  Go Canada go!

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