The news we’ve been waiting for…

We are moving. 

For starters I’ll give you some hints:

  1. 50,000 shades of grey and there’s nothing sexy about that
  2. I’ve always said I wanted to live near the ocean (so be careful what you wish for)
  3. I never expected to live more north than I did in Edmonton. 57° N to be exact

So if you read my last post about this impending move, it has finally happened.  We are moving to City C. 

And in the past few days in spreading the word to our friends, I’ve used this emoji  A LOT.

It’s a city we had no desire to move to.  Even David had it listed on his work profile as a place we DID NOT want to go…along with Russia, Nigeria and Angola.  Luckily it’s not as bad as either of those.

It’s a city where David’s sister lived for a few years… and we never went to visit.  Karma is a bitch I suppose.

It’s a city by the ocean but we won’t be doing much swimming or sun tanning.  The average summer temperature is a chilly 20C.

It’s a city that is known as the Granite City or Silver City.  To me that just reads: 50 million shades of grey.  Grey buildings, grey skies, grey everything.   If 50 million shades of grey exists, it exists there.

We are moving to Aberdeen, Scotland.

For those you are in the oil industry, you may know exactly where that is.  It is the oil capital of Europe and on the shores of the North Sea.

For those who don’t know about it, you hear Scotland and immediately think of green pastures and ancient castles.  Yes that is one of the few things we are looking forward to exploring.  There are the cool, hip cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Then there’s the armpit, Aberdeen.

So perhaps I’m being harsh.  And you have to understand where we are coming from.  When we left Canada for this expat life, we envisioned exotic locations: far-away places, completely foreign (to us) cultures, languages and challenges.

Of course I could never complain about moving to Paris.  At times it was exotic enough with its own unique challenges.  But when we knew a move was on the horizon, we thought: now this will be the great test.  Can we survive and perhaps thrive in a place like Saudia Arabia, Myanmar, or Kuala Lampur?   We have almost exhausted travel in Europe and were looking forward to moving to the Middle East or Asia, where we could travel and discover new countries.

Well, we’ll still be in Europe (well, maybe not after Brexit).  A most unexciting part of it.  It’ll be familiar. The language is the same.  The weather uninspiring.

But let’s be realistic, I could complain about any city after living in Paris.

I’m forced happy to consider the positives of this move:

  • We’ll be close enough to Paris to visit our friends and close to the rest of Europe. That’ll be handy when we need doses of sunshine and heat
  • Still close enough to home in Canada.  And Bonus:  we will see my parents in Portugal this summer
  • I can try finding a job, start a business or go back to school.  I have a lot more opportunities there then I would in Saudia Arabia, Myanmar, or Kuala Lampur.
  • We will have a car.  So weekend trips to the breathtaking Scottish countryside is how we’ll spend our time
  • Since I don’t have another language to learn, I can keep up with my French
  • It’s modern city with all the amenities we would ever need including a Costco!  A Costco!  I can’t wait.  (and I’m not exaggerating… but you see, if the one real excitement is a Costco, then something isn’t quite right)
  • And we will be by the ocean.  That means bonfires on the beach and watching the waves lap the shores.  Even if I’m in a parka and winter boots, at least I’m by the sea.

(By the way, this picture from Wikipedia must be incredibly enhanced… I’ll believe it when I see it.)

So there you have it.  The news we’ve been waiting for.  From Canada, then to Paris and on to Aberdeen… it’s a wild adventure nonetheless and we’ll make the most of it.

I’ll show you how great Aberdeen and Scotland are.  And maybe it’ll even surprise us.  We moved to Edmonton with really low expectations.  It’s nickname is DEAD-monton.  And in the end, we loved and enjoyed our life there, made incredible friends and have cherished memories.

So I’m sure the same will be true in Aberdeen.

For now, the countdown is on… we have two weeks left in our beloved Paris.

And stay tuned for more posts to come on the feelings about moving, how we are preparing and also some great posts about Paris that I still want to share.

(all photos from Wikipedia)

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