You know that feeling when time just flies by and the days blend together, yet there is that anxiety in you because you know it’s all about to end soon.  And you don’t want to believe that in less than a few days you’ll be back to the daily routine of life.

That was us.

By Day 8, our trip was winding down as we headed toward Reykjavik to spend the last two nights.  Our final destination.  And we didn’t want it to be over so soon.

We continued on with our search of waterfalls.  On our way into town, we stopped at yet another, Urridafoss and explored Raufarholshellir lava tube cave.  It was spectacular!  Due to being ill-equipped, we couldn’t walk the 1.3km icy track through the cave but we made it far enough in to see the most beautiful ice stalagmites.   We had the place all to ourselves.

We drove around the Reykanes Peninsula through lava fields and rock formations; through a truly desolate landscape.  Made us feel like we could be on the surface of another celestial planet.   The nerd in me (and David) made sure we stopped at the Bridge – walking from the Eurasia tectonic plate to the North American one.  Standing right between two plates that are moving away from each other about 2 cm per year.

We then spent a relaxing afternoon at the Blue Lagoon.  The 35 euro price and the touristy nature nearly made us miss this unique and unforgettable experience.  We soaked in 38-40C silica and mineral saturated water for two hours.  It’s just what we all needed after a busy and non-stop week around the Iceland.  Mud masks, drinks, sauna and a massaging waterfall – it was pretty fantastic.

Our only full day in Reykjavik started with a 930am Crossfit session at Crossfit Reykjavik.  Iceland Annie wasn’t there but our coach was great.  The gym was gigantic – the largest I’ve ever been to.  And it even had sauna and hot tub which we didn’t come ready for.  It was a tough partner workout and I really enjoyed hearing the Icelandic instruction.  Surprisingly it was still fairly easy to follow along even if I didn’t understand a single word.

After making our lunches and dinner for most of the trip (remember we were trying to save money), we were happy to treat ourselves in Reykjavik with lunch at Chuck Norris Grill.  Check out the funny décor in my other post.

For the afternoon, David, Thomas and I continued our search of photograph worthy spots.  We had a beautiful sunny afternoon at Thingvellir National Park – the last stop for us on the Golden Circle tour.  Views over the valley, a walk between cliffs and our last waterfall, Thingvellir Falls.

That evening we toasted to a successful trip around Iceland over a delicious fish dinner at Old Iceland restaurant.  As the wet rain covered our new 4×4 while driving to the airport at 4am, we counted our blessings.  Despite the setbacks, we saw a truly beautiful and awe-inspiring country.  We shared lifelong memories with some truly wonderful people.  Traveling in a group isn’t always easy, but looking back, it’s all smiles, happy stories and fun moments together appreciating the raw beauty of nature that I remember.

I’ve completely fallen in love with the North, between this, my second visit to Copenhagen recently and a trip to Sweden two years ago, I am so grateful I’ve got to experience Scandinavia and hope to return soon.  I’ve always thought I’d want to live in a hot country by the ocean.  That’s always been my dream.  But I can now really see myself bearing the short cold winter days, admiring Northern Lights in quiet anticipation of a midnight sun.

And Iceland is a country I already dream of visiting again… and that doesn’t happen very often.


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