Can you imagine arriving in a new city and getting a smartphone? A smartphone with 4G capability so you can navigate your way around and not worry about data roaming charges or constantly sitting in cafés for WIFI. A smartphone loaded with all the necessary apps to make you feel like a local. A smartphone connected to helpful locals that will answer all your questions.

Well it exists in Paris. I want to share with you the coolest, most innovative tourist service in Paris right now.

I met Ben while spending the afternoon at Le Food Trip’s Tasting Passport event. Right away, I saw he was excited and passionate about his new start-up, INSIDR Paris. When he asked me to meet him and his sister and business partner, Nina, I said yes. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to get inspired by their story and get to know more about what they are doing.

With backgrounds in design and business, both have extensive travel and experience living abroad. The idea to create a service to help tourists in their native city of Paris was born. It started with Ben lending his own personal phone out to guests of his AirBnb apartment. A risky move, but it paid off.

I think that’s pretty clever. So I agree to test drive the service for the weekend and give my feedback.

Paris is a smartphone and digital guide.  It’s the way to make you a smart traveler.

Once you arrive in Paris, you receive the package containing an Android smartphone, charger and extra battery, a tote bag, and a printed guide. It also comes with a thoughtful, personal touch: two pre-stamped postcards for you to send to your friends and family back home. And who doesn’t love receiving a postcard? All you have to do is write on the back because they will even put it in the mail for you when you return the phone!

The smartphone is loaded with curated maps of all the best places in Paris, tourist tips and useful apps to help you get around and get the most of your stay. But the one unique and invaluable feature of INSIDR is the connection to the INSIDR Community.

The community is made up of dozens of local English-speaking Parisians, the Paris Angels, eager to answer questions and give advice. I looked forward to the daily message I got from them telling me about the weather or a special exhibit or event on that day. I loved it so much I’ve asked to be a part of their INSIDR community to help travelers.

Paris is for travelers coming to Paris who don’t do the mega-tour bus thing. For travelers who are independent but wouldn’t mind a little help along the way.

Paris can be an overwhelming city with so much to see and do. You could get lost down an internet rabbit hole researching places to check out. But with INSIDR Paris, everything you need to know is at the touch of your fingertips.

If you or someone you know is coming to Paris, I highly recommend giving this great new service a try.

Now if only this was available in every major city around the world…

Go to their website to find all the details and book a smartphone for your next trip to Paris.

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed are fully my own and I have not received compensation for this post. I truly believe in this service and highly recommend it.

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