We continued our month of fun and free events in Paris with an early morning yoga session with Lole as part of their White Tour.

We woke up at the ungodly time (for a Sunday) at 5:30 to make to the Eiffel Tower by 6am.  I don’t think I’d ever been there when there wasn’t hoards of tourists and picnickers around.  This morning, there was rarely a soul in sight.  Except for the homeless person sleeping on the grass amidst the previous nights empty bottles and litter.

*begin rant*

Why? Why?!?

Why do people leave their shit behind on this beautiful stretch of grass?  Why are there broken wine and beer bottles strewn along the path?  Why can’t people just clean up after themselves after enjoying a lovely night watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle?  It’s disgusting, despicable and deplorable!

If it’s tourists doing it… shame on you!  When you visit a city, you have no right to leave your trash behind.

If it’s residents… shame on you!  Have pride in your city? Keep it clean!

Now I see the amount of work that goes into keeping the city clean.  Every morning a group of people have to go around the Champ de Mars (and I’m sure other parks in the city) picking up after lowlifes.  I couldn’t believe how much garbage there was on the grass when there are lots of trash cans around. You can’t leave the park without passing a garbage can.

I was too shocked by the sight to take a photo but I wish I had now just to show you the extend of it. UNBELIEVABLE!

*end rant*

Despite that, we walked along to the base of the Eiffel Tower and turned in our tickets.  Tickets this year weren’t so easy to get.  Two years ago when we were part of the Lole White Tour at the Grand Palais, anyone could register online and get a ticket.  This year, it was a lottery.  I entered the draw for 2 tickets and luckily I told David to do the same.  In the end, he’s the one that got us in.  And we figured it’s because he’s male.

All dressed in white, we arrived, found a free mat and goodie bag and waited for the yoga session to begin.  At about 7am, the harpist started playing, there was an introduction and the yoga teach led us through the one-hour practice.  The wind, and her loud voice over the speakers didn’t make it the most serene and meditative hour, but it was nonetheless a cool experience getting bendy right underneath the Eiffel Tower on International Yoga Day.

I have to shout out to David who is always up to doing these things with me… especially that early on a Sunday.  And especially for making a cool video.

The day was only starting as we rolled into the afternoon with a birthday picnic.  The after a quick nap, I met up with Amy, a friend from Edmonton who was in town for one night.  And what a night to pick!  We caught up over wine on our balcony and then met up with the rest of friends for an evening out at Fete de la Musique.

There’s always some excitement around the event.  The streets are filled with music and people, celebrating the longest day of the year.  Like last year, we headed to St Germain area with bottles of wine and plastic cups in tow.  We drifted from performance to performance until we settled on Rue Guisarde, dancing, drinking and laughing the night away.

Amy said to us, “you are living the life.”  And I can’t disagree.  We have incredible friends.  Live in an amazing city.  And experience it to the fullest.

What a way to kick off another unforgettable summer in Paris.



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