Marrying your loved one is always a day you’ll never forget, but if you’re marrying a Thai national inside of Thailand then you’ll definitely want to forget the hassle of it! People who are in love should just be able to be together and be happy, but when visas and laws are involved it makes being with your loved one very hard.The marriage process for a foreign man marrying a Thai woman is slightly different than if your foreign woman marrying a Thai man. This blog is for an English woman marrying a Thai man. The process is the same for all foreign woman but the paperwork required will depend on your home country so double check with your embassy what is required for you.

Step One: Research

The first step to marrying a Thai national is to look on your embassy’s website and see what paperwork is required for you to marry a Thai national. For a British woman, the two most important parts of the of paperwork required are:

  • Affirmation of marriage, MFA stamped(original and translated copies)
  • Certified copy of passport, MFA stamped(Original and translated copies)

So now you know what paperwork you need to get you can download your Affirmation from the British Embassy website. Fill it out correctly, print it out but DO NOT sign it. You’ll sign it at the Embassy. Once you have printed this out and have copies of everything, now you have to go to your Embassy to get your Affirmation and certified copy of your passport. You will need to book an appointment on the British embassy website and try to make it the earliest appointment of the day, to do this click here , if your apoitment is early then you’ll be able to visit the MFA the same day.

Step Two: collecting the documents

When the day arrives for you to go to your Embassy appointment make sure you take your passport, photocopies of your passport, boyfriends ID and house book and copies over everything.  and the filled out but unsigned affirmation. Don’t worry too much if the information isn’t correct, they can get you to change it and reprint it there if you need too. Turn up slightly earlier than your appointed time and go through security, they will check your bags and take your phone from you. They will give you your phone back when you leave.

When you are inside the embassy sit down and wait for them to call your name, there was no one else there when I went so it was a quick process but you could be waiting for up to an hour if it is busy. Go up to the window, hand over your paperwork, they will ask you a few questions about where you live? And if the paperwork is okay they will take it off you and tell you to sit back down. When they have finished looking over the paperwork, they will call you up to another window where you will pay and speak an oath. Once you have done this, she will give you the Affirmation of marriage stamped and at some point will ask you if you want your a verified copy of your passport. Say yes because this is needed to get married in most Amphurs. The affirmation and verified passport copy will cost between 2500/3500 Baht. It’s an expensive piece of paper but it’s required.

Once you have your Affirmation and verified copy of your passport stamped by your embassy you will need to take a taxi up to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). The address for the MFA is:

Department of Consular Affairs,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
123 Chaeng Wattana Road,
Bangkok 10210

Once you arrive at the MFA go up the stairs and right in front of you will be a row of booths, go up to a window and say you would like your documents translating (You can have your documents translated at multiple different translation shops around Bangkok, they will take less time and charge less. If you want to get your documents back the same day they have to be translated at the MFA, if you don’t need them back the same day I recommend translating them elsewhere). Hand the documents to the person and she will give you a slip of paper and tell you to sit down.

The translating process in the MFA building took me about an hour an a half. It was a long wait, but it’s an important step. Once the affirmation and verified copy of your passport are translated, go to the stairs on your left-hand side and walk up to the next floor. Here will most likely be loads of people waiting for and queueing. Make sure you sign all your paperwork with your signature and get a new form from the table on the right-hand side, fill this in then go to the smaller row of windows and hand this with all your paperwork and copies to the person (pictured above). Make sure you have photocopies of everything and the most recent stamps in your passport. If the paperwork is fine she will give it back to you with a number and tell you to sit back down.

If you want to have the final paperwork sent to your home address, ask the person who checks the paperwork and she will give you another form to fill out. When your number gets called to go up to the window and hand over your paperwork and money. If you want the stamped paperwork to be sent to your home, the person will give you an envelope to full the address out on. If you want to collect the paperwork in person, it’s normally available after 2/3 days to collect but they will tell you there and then when to come back. There is an express, same day return but you have to hand all your documents in before 9:30am normally and then collect them back the same day after 14:00. Now you have handed all your paperwork in, you just have to go home and wait for it to be processed. When you get the documents back, you will see the red stamp from your embassy and a new stamp from the MFA. You will take these documents with you when you get married.

Step Three: Getting Married

Now you finally have all the paperwork finished you have you actually get married. If you look here you will find a list of registered Amphurs who will marry Foreign people without any hassle, if you go to an unregistered Amphur they might turn you away. My boyfriend and I  decided to marry in Bangrak as many of the foreign women I know married here with no big issues.

The paperwork you will need to provide the Amphur with is:

  • Passport and two copies of ID page and any Thailand stamps and visas
  • Copy of TM6
  • Boyfriends ID and copies
  • Affirmation original, copies and translated. Stamped by the MFA 
  • Verified copy of Passport, original and translated
  • Boyfriends Tambien Bann (blue house log)
  • Any pictures of you and your boyfriend with friends and family (we had to provide this because our witness was not related to us)
  • Two witnesses, one has to be a Thai national who can speak English and can translate for you (They prefer them to be relatives but they don’t need to be if your family can’t be there)
  • MFA and Embassy receipt 
  • Witness ID and copies
  • Documents from Amphur

This list is what I had to provide but it is different for everyone, it depends who checks your documents on the day. Normally the witnesses need to be family but none of my boyfriends family speak English and we live too far away for them to travel to Bangkok, so they let our friends be our witness. We just had to provide some pictures as proof, so we had two pictures of us eating a meal with his family and this was accepted. The Amphur will also have some very long and confusing documents you need to fill out, I suggest doing this a few days in advance so on the day you want to marry you can just have all the paperwork in and not have to mess around filling in documents like we did.

The Amphur only does a certain amount of foreign marriages in one day so make sure you turn up early. Once the building is open go to the reception desk and hand the staff member your paperwork, she will check it all over and if anything else needs doing she will help you. Once the paperwork is fine you will be given a number and be told to sit down. When your number is called go to the desk and sit down. The staff member will go over the paperwork with you making sure it is all correct, once they are happy with it they will fill all the information in on the computer then have you, your boyfriend and the witness sign some papers. Once everything is ready they will get your boyfriend to read an oath in Thai and your witness will translate it to you, it says that you’re consenting to marry and other questions like this. After this, you will all sign the paper and it will be given to the person in charge to look over. Once he is happy with it, the paperwork is stamped, and the marriage certificates and Kor ror 2 are filled out and handed to you.

Congratulations, you are now officially married! If you plan on living in Thailand, you don’t need to do anything else with your certificates. If you plan on moving to your home country then you need to take the documents to be translated and stamped at the MFA and then hand them to your embassy, I haven’t done this because I live in Thailand so, I don’t have too much advice on this. Once you are married you can then apply for your Non-immigrant O visa and then get your one-year extension based on marriage. If you would like more information about how to apply for the Non-immigrant O visa then, please click here.


  • Photocopy EVERYTHING multiple times and keep them with you. 
  • Bring originals of everything. 
  • Check with the Embassy and Amphur as to what they want from you.
  • Don’t get disheartened if it doesn’t go smoothly or as you planned.
  • The more evidence of your relationship you can provide the better. 
  • Don’t forget your Passport or boyfriends ID card.
  • Make sure you get the affirmation and verified Passport from your embassy. 

I really do hope this was useful for you, I found it really difficult and confusing marrying my Thai husband and there really isn’t that much information based on it online. Especially for a foreign woman marrying a Thai man. It can be a stressful time so hopefully reading this will make your marriage process run a bit smoother then mine did!

Thank you for reading and please subscribe for more posts about Thailand.


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