Who doesn’t love goats! We definitely do, we opened our goat farm up on the 27th of March 2019. We started off with 9 Boer Goats and have continued to grow, our current status is 27 goats but with many babies on the way. Our goats are a mixture of our own and goats that have been given to us. A handful of our goats were won in a raffle at the local festivals and the winner didn’t have space or money to look after the goats, so they gave them to us.

Each one of our goats has their own funny and unique personality, no two goats are the same. We breed and sell our goats but breeding isn’t forced. Once the new babies are fully weaned from their mother and independent, this is when either the mother or kid will be sold. We do not sell all of our goats, some we keep as they have become part of the family. Click on the pictures to read some information and fun facts about all of our goats.

Brownie: she is very nosey goat. She likes to sniff and follow you to see what you are doing. She loves food and will knock the smaller goats out the way so she can eat first.

Curly: Brownies baby, curly is the craziest goat of them all. She adores people and will follow you around until you play with her. You’ll probably find her eating your clothes.

Brando: A very handsome man, when it comes to the girls he only has one thing on his mind. You’ll oftern here him blowing rasberries at the ladies which is his sound of loveeeee.

Brenda: She is very sassy and likes to get in trouble. She is very inderpendent and a personal favouite of our boy goat. He will not leave her alone!

Dasie: Very sweet and quiet goat. She is best friends with Dam, Smudge and Curve. They sometimes like to bully the other goats together in a gang.

Dam: Quiet goat, she likes to sleep and relax. You’ll normally always find her with her three best friends, Curve, Smudge and Dasie.

Curve: Is doesn’t reallly like people, she likes to keep her distance. She is happy when she;s hanging around with her best friends.

Smudge: Named after the smudge of white on her nose. She is quite cheeky and will sometimes bully the younger or smaller goats, especially Sheep as she is tiny.

Sheep: She is a very tiny goat, much smaller than the others. Hrr nameis sheep due to the amount of wavy thick hair she has, the others have short, straight hair.

BB (Baby Brenda): Very tiny, skinny and cute. Although she is small, she as the3 personallity of a big goat. She will not let anyone bully her and she likes to play with Curly and Spot!

Luci: Luci was very scared when we first brought her home, she was won in a raffle and the owners didn’t want her. She is much more friendly now and has calmed down a lot and has been welcomed into the group finaly.

Dot: Another raffle goat and unwanted by her owners. She doesn’t really like to spend much time with the girls but she loves our boy goat Brendo. She will alwyas be walkign around close to him.

Coco: Named coco after her chocolaty colour. She is very fun to watch as she loves to jump up onto our bike and side car and play on it. Anythign she cna jump onto, she will on on top of it.

Peach: A very nervous goat, she doesn’t really like to be near people. Her best friend is Coco as they were brought to our farm together.

Bac: Tall and skinny, she is a little bit of a loner and likes to keep herself to herself. She has to let the bigger goats eat first or stay away from them to avoid getting headbutted.

Ma: She likes to think that she is the boss goat, she isn’t but she will act that way. She will try anf fight the small goats, my dogs and a few times people on motorbikes!

Twin 1: One of the twins from Ma. They are scared of people, they will come up slowely to you but then get to nervous and run away.

Twin 2 : One of the twins from Ma. They are scared of people, they will come up slowely to you but then get to nervous and run away. Both twins are very similar and best friends with the needy twins,

Needy Twin 1: Given to us from people who didn’t want them. They were not fully weanded when arrived so where very needy and would cry non-stop.

Needy Twin 2: Both twins has settled into the group nicely, best friends with the twins. They like to play fight with baby Owen and headbutt him. They think Ma is their mum and will follow her around.

Dory: Named after Dory from finding nemo because she has a silly face and looks like a fish. Vry nervous around people, doesn’t like to be touch. Has perfect horns.

Owen: Baby from Dory, our first baby boy born at the farm. He is nervous around people because his mum is. He loves to play and jump and is friends with the needy twins.

Amazon: Named because of her amazonian physique. She is giant! Head, body, hight and shes heavlily pregnant which makes her even bigger. She is twice the size of our male goat.

Cow: New to the group. Likes to stay close to her sister Moo. Likes to eat and jump. Doesn’t like to be alone.

Moo: Sister to Cow, has lots of spots on the back of her neck like a cow. Like to eat branches and leaves.


Kanchanaburi, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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