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Holidays –the time of the year where we can take a time off from our busy schedules and travel some place nice where we can take deep breaths and loosen up. We all dream for our holidays to be memorable and fun. Since its one of those exceptional moments in the year where we can totally be free and jubilant without the added stress, we always make sure that we’re getting most out of our holiday breaks.

Palawan is a top choice for vacations. With its relaxing atmosphere and beautiful sceneries, people love to spend time in the island. But with the number of attractions of Palawan, it’s a challenge to go over all of them. So we’ve rounded up the places that you can go on holidays in Palawan. You might want to check them out!

1. Daluyon Beach

Spend time in the fine powdery sand by the beach with the sound of the waves serenading you. Find a cozy spot on the coast and enjoy your tropical drinks as you take pleasure with your beautiful view.

2. Las Cabanas, El Nido

If you wish to have a peaceful stay during your holiday, drop by La Cabanas. The secluded resort is relatively quiet with a stunning view of the waters. And during nighttime, you can even enjoy the gorgeous sunset in the skies.

3. Cudugnon cave

Cudugnon Cave is one of the interesting caves in Palawan. Enjoy this hidden underground space that provides an exciting hiking experience and gorgeous sceneries.

4. Corong-Corong

Like many other beach spots in Palawan, Corong Corong is the perfect location to unwind and go exploring nearby islands. Corong Corong is one of the best spots in Palawan where you can have a relaxing sunset watching adventure.

5. Taraw Cliff

When you’ve had enough of the beach, you can climb up El Nido’s highest peak. Taraw Clifff is every climber’s dream. These giant limestone karsts grant you the most breathtaking view of El Nido’s Town.

6. Onuk Island

Palawan never runs out of beautiful islands to wander. Fine white sands with aquamarine waters offers the perfect getaway for an island hopping escapade.

7. Cowrie Island

One of the best places to go island hopping in Palawan is Cowrie Island, Honda Bay. This picture perfect destination gives you plenty of water activities including those of Jet Ski, banana boat ride, fish feeding and kayaking.

8. Nacpan Beach

Another prime attraction in El Nido where you can lie on the sun and simply relax by the beach is Nacpan Beach. The long and wide sand expanse of Nacpan allows you to walk barefoot on the shore as you breathe in the fresh salty breeze of the island.

9. Kayangan Lake

Nothing spells mystical like the magic that awaits you in Kayangan Lake. Step into a spellbinding scenery of Palawan with its crystal clear waters that often times declared as the cleanest lake in the country.

10. El Nido

This first class municipality of Palawan grants the best beaches in the island. It is known for its white sand coastlines and stunning coral reefs display that will make any travel vacation one for the books.

11. Ginto Island

Ginto Island in El Nido is an ideal site for an alfresco camping adventure. The long and wide shoreline of the island provides comfortable sleeping spaces for those who would want to spend the night in the open air.

Palawan is definitely a destination ideal for any travel adventures. Whether you’re up for some fun and exciting holiday break or you would want to have a relaxing vacation retreat, Palawan can satisfy you with your needs. With its numerous island attractions and line of activities that you can try, you’ll never have a dreary moment in this island.

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