Over Easter we traveled to Germany to drive the Romantic Road.   Here are highlights on what to do while there.

Visit UNESCO site Würzburg Residence:  take a stroll around the large and expansive gardens – a mix of English and French styles – sometimes symmetric and other times wild.  Try to point out all the faces.  Laugh at the funny positions the statues of children are in. Catch all the details in the beautiful wrought iron fences.

Enjoy a drink on Alte Mainbruecke bridge:  on a lazy Saturday afternoon while the sun is shining you’ll find the whole town of Wurzberg enjoying a crisp glass of local white wine.  Even better, pay your 5 euro deposit for the glass and order up a Hugo complete with lime and straw to sip while overlooking Main River.

Travel back in time: stroll the medieval streets of Rothenburg and transport yourself back to a simpler time of horse drawn carriages and oil lanterns.  It’s easy to get lost and wander through the quaint streets bordered by colourful and charming houses still standing after 600+ years.

Eat a Scheenballen:  you can’t miss the pastry balls that looks like a crumpled up piece of paper.  Varying in flavours like cinnamon sugar and chocolate covered, it’s a perfect little afternoon pick me up of fried and sugared dough. Be warned they make a horrible mess. So best not to share.

Take on the views over Landsberg:  the romantic road is a trail of small villages and large cities with old medieval centres.  Pick one or two or more on your trip and plan a stop at them: either for a bratwurst and mustard filled lunch, a mid afternoon snack of coffee and cake or just a stroll through the centre.  In Landsberg you can walk (or drive) up to the viewing Posts in the summer to catch aerial views of the town with the river flowing through it.  However in the off season, the towers are closed but you can walk around the school at the top of the ridge to get the same view points.

Live out your Disney fairytale at Neuschwanstein Castle: one look and you can see the resemblance It’s the fantasy of every little girl. Perched on the hillside, the castle is the main attraction of the area.  Built by a reportedly crazy and eccentric king, we unfortunately didn’t go inside for the tour.  It’s best to reserve tickets and despite knowing this bit of advice, we didn’t follow it.  So when after one hour of waiting in line we were told we’d have to wait another 4 before going in, we decided to hike up to the castle and enjoy the free views around it.  The famous view is from Marie’s bridge and despite it being officially closed that day, tourists, us included, may our way there through snow and slippery walkways.  It was well worth to see the magical castle  dusted in snow.  And as the large white flakes began to fall, we truly felt like we were in a Disney fairy land far far away.

Enjoy flammekeuch lunch and delicious cakes overlooking Hopfensee lake.  Although not technically part of the Romantic route, it’s so close and you don’t want to pass up the chance to enjoy a filling meal of flammekeuch in a quite little ‘see’ side Cafe called Sea Side Bistro.  The service was friendly and the cakes were large and delicious.

Last but not least have some fun people to take the road trip with, play cool music and take lots of video and pictures. And try not to get bed bugs…


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