Ok, ok. So Palawan has been nominated as the Best Island in the World TWICE last year by Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler. But I am warning you to avoid this island at all cost if you don’t want to go through what I’ve gone (and have been going) through for the past few years. I went to Palawan twice, so trust me!

1. You’ll feel stupid because there’s never enough adjectives for Palawan!

It’s irritating that the spectacular beauty of Palawan will leave you speechless during several moments of your trip. Aside from being able to use “picturesque” for the first time in an actual scenario (outside of English class), “I’m at a loss for words” is what I’d often say in Palawan. I mean, come on, are there really not enough words to describe Palawan’s beauty?

2. It destroys your notion that there is no such thing as “love at first sight.”

Because it can happen! It can happen in several islands in Palawan, such as Malcapuya! I fell in love with the island, the ocean of Palawan, and the rich environment of Palawan. And you know what happens when you fall in love.

3. You will be confused which was the better view: the one from the top or the one underwater.

Until now, I still haven’t decided. It bothers me when I see all these amazing and breath-taking photos of Palawan from the top of a hill or a mountain, but I also can’t help but remember how the corals in Culion sparkled when I first snorkelled there. Too bad I did not have an underwater camera so I really couldn’t see it again.

4. It’s never the same when you’re in other parts of the world.

Although I’ve traveled to many other countries and beaches, I would always go back to my Palawan memories and sigh. It’s just never the same. I can’t explain it. It just never is!

5. It never gets easy to decide whether you’re a sunrise or sunset person.

I mean, really now:



6. You’ll get addicted to seat sales.

During every travel promotion, you will always check if there’s a cheap ticket to Palawan even if you’ve been there already. You just want to go back and do everything all over again!

7. Palawan memories will haunt you.

When you go back to the “real” life and work at your desk, you’ll suddenly be attacked by separation anxiety and daydream mania and remember all those good memories of Palawan: swimming in the lakes, getting a tan by the beach, and climbing hills. Even the sunset haunts you!

8. The guys of Palawan will be unforgettable.

The memories of the good times in Palawan will be inextricably linked to the people you meet there or traveled to Palawan with, which can be a good thing or a curse. As for me, it’s a mix of both. Too bad you can’t erase the unlikable people from your memory anymore (a la “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”).

9. Nothing is perfect? Try going to Palawan.

Palawan is heaven at every turn. When I was island hopping, it seemed like the limestone rocks looked all the same but I still couldn’t stop taking photos at every turn of the bangka. Why did they look so perfect?!

10. You never want to leave!

This is the worst part of going to Palawan. On the day that you’ll have to leave the island, you’ll feel your legs getting heavier, your head dizzier, your body immovable. You become “ill.” What is that force?! Yep, you will get the Palawan Addiction Disease – and there’s no vaccination or medicine for it – except: don’t even go.

Seriously, would you leave?

Nevertheless, if you really insist on visiting Palawan, you might want to read the ebook we made: “The Ultimate Guide to Palawan.” It’s not perfect yet, but we wrote based on our and our friends’ previous Palawan trips to help you have the best experience. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though!

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