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El Nido, a first class municipality of Palawan, has been regarded with favor by numerous tourists and adventure lovers as one of the best travel destination there is. The island has not only acquired local recognition as to its phenomenal beauty but a world-wide acknowledgment as to its magnificence and divine charm. There is just something about El Nido that draws people to visit and explore its exceptional natural wonders.

Pristine Beaches, astonishing aerial views, azure waters that resemble the vibrant blue skies and a mantle of rainforests that provides a perfect embellishment to this already magical place. With that being said, there is no wonder why El Nido creates such a buzz when it comes to trips and excursions. To prove just that, here are 7 photos that exhibits the magic of El Nido.

  1. That incredible glass like bottom
  2. The waters of El Nido are renowned for its crystal clear feature that bears a resemblance to those of a glass and a mirror. It has been said that the waters are so unclouded that you can see a perfect reflection of yourself and what’s down under. El Nido is packed with gorgeous postcard perfect beaches and all these waterfronts showcase their amazing glass like waters that will surely leave anyone astonished.

  3. The stunning landscapes of the tropical rain forest
  4. El Nido is not only celebrated for its outstanding waters and its dreamy beach settings. Apart from these aesthetics, El Nido also exhibits its grandeur with its veil of lush greens that impeccably highlights the island’s rich forest resources. The verdant fields seen all over the island are a feast to the eyes that creates a restful atmosphere.

  5. Spectacular seascapes
  6. Considering El Nido’s location, it is of no wonder that the island has a galore of white sand beaches and stunning island corners that visitors can wind down to. The spell bounding character of El Nido is seen in its legion of ravishing seascapes that will surely make anyone feel grateful for the beauty of nature and leave anyone who steps into this island in pure admiration.

  7. Dramatic sunset exposure
  8. Chasing nature’s impeccable beauty in the island of El Nido is an adventure anyone who travels in this island has to experience. The sunset display in the island is beyond compare. Along with the serene island ambiance, watching the sun as it sets in the horizon is a melodramatic sight that you should not miss.

  9. The pleasure on the waters
  10. El Nido’s magical waters go beyond its shores and unto the deep. With the garden of vibrant corals and rich marine life, El Nido exhibits the bewitching wonderland below the surface of the waters. Various activities can be taken up to experience these beauties first hand. Snorkeling and Scuba diving are few of the many waters activities one can engage to.

  11. Amazing geological formations
  12. The captivating elegance of El Nido is drawn in the abundance of its geological formations. From limestone cliffs to towering karsts and caves, the island offers more than just its wealth in the waters and put to display its fascinating landscapes. These amazing natural wonders are perfect spots to get that powerful bird’s eye view of this one-of-a-kind island paradise.

  13. Sandbars
  14. These incredible sand formations in the middle of the water that are formed with its current are every traveler’s best friend. Thanks to these natural sand formations, they let you experience what it feels to be in the center of a truly magical spot. Surrounded by the glistening turquoise waters and soaring landscapes as backdrop, why would anyone want to miss it? The Snake Island in El Nido is a perfect destination to have a feel of this stimulating expedition in your El Nido trip.

The island of Palawan is a celebrated destination when it comes to tropical getaways. Blessed with dozens of gorgeous islands, El Nido is one of the most admired island escapes in Palawan where travelers love to return to every year.

More than just its unblemished beaches, azure waters and unspoiled natural resources, El Nido does more than provide a banquet for your eyes – it leaves an incomparable feeling of contentment. El Nido is a travel experience like no other.

Do these images convince you of the glamour that El Nido holds? Why not experience it yourself? Book your El Nido trip now!

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