1. Go Surfing on the breezy shores of Nacpan
  2. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, going for a surf in El Nido is a must. You don’t need to worry about being a failure on the spot because there are professionals and friendly instructors that will teach you the basics. They will take you to the best surfing spots in El Nido so your surfing experience will definitely be a blast. So, step on that board and enjoy the waves!

  3. Go Ziplining to your heart’s content in Las Cabanas
  4. To fly might be one of those dreams jotted on your wish list. Since it’s far from becoming a reality, might as well try something that comes close to it –ziplining! There is nothing more exhilarating than soaring above the paradise of El Nido while feeling that fresh island breeze blowing against you. What makes ziplining a fun activity to try in El Nido? It’s a perfect way to release your tension and fears by screaming your lungs out and a splendid way to enjoy the breathtaking views as well.

  5. Go Scuba diving and discover the rich marine life
  6. A trip to El Nido is never complete if you are not able to explore its magical underwater artistry. Going scuba diving in this island paradise is a perfect way to explore the affluence of its marine life. Be at awe with the vibrant coral reefs, colorful fishes and amazing underwater sculptures. There are many dive centers in the island offering dive courses including those exciting night dive sessions.

  7. Have a delectable meal over the turquoise waters
  8. The clear waters of El Nido are not only known to be gorgeous swimming spots but the calm and crystal clear setting is also an ideal place for you to unwind and spend your meal time. Experience the simple island life and catch your own food right from the waters. Nothing is more fulfilling than having to spend your lunch over the azure waters while enjoying the spectacular island view altogether. It is definitely a feast for both your eyes and stomach.

  9. Go for a relaxing motor ride of a lifetime
  10. El Nido is quite a remote place. While the beach scene might provide you with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, there are other ways that you can capture the calmness of the island as well. Bicycle riding or going for an off-road adventure around the island is a great way to unwind and explore the wonders of El Nido. So when in El Nido, never skip the stimulating cruising adventure on wheels and enjoy the local scenery.

  11. Kayaking around the Small and Big Lagoons of Miniloc Island
  12. An ideal spot for exploring the enchantment of the island, the Small and Big Lagoons of El Nido are excellent places to get lost in tranquility. The crystal clear waters provide you with fascinating sights. You can traverse its waters by kayak and go exploring every nook and cranny of the lagoons. And if riding along the narrow boat is not enough for you, you can always enjoy the waters by taking a refreshing dip.

  13. Hike for that astonishing cliff view at Taraw Peak
  14. The exquisiteness of El Nido can be viewed in many angles. But going for that dramatic bird’s eye view is the most superb of them all. Climbing the Taraw Peak (also called Taraw Cliff) gives you that remarkable display of the beauty of the island. Heading up to the top might be an exhausting undertaking but sure enough, everything is worth it in the end when you reach that towering limestone karst of El Nido.

  15. Paddle across the mysteriously luscious green waters of Apulit Island
  16. Explore the waters of El Nido in yet another engaging activity. Apart from the traditional boat rides, you can now experience moving around the waters by paddle surfing and/or paddle boarding. A sport that originally started in Hawaii these fun water activities can now be experienced in Palawan. This is absolutely a soothing fun activity you can try with on water.

  17. Go snorkeling and ravel on its underwater beauty
  18. El Nido is known to have the most astounding marine wildlife display. Get up close and personal with various marine creatures without delving into the deepest parts of the water. In just knee length deep water, you can already enjoy the striking colors of the fishes and the vivid shades of the corals. If you go snorkeling, make sure not to step on the corals for some might be easily be broken due to their fragility.

  19. Go chill on a hammock and enjoy the postcard picturesque at Cadlao Resort
  20. What better ways to enjoy El Nido than having a consoling recline on a hammock right outside the open air. With its fresh island breeze and stunning landscapes, spending your time outside is more than you ever need for that needed quiet relaxation. It’s a perfect spot to meditate and decompress. El Nido surely knows how to mellow down your well-being with its magic spell.

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