When traveling around the world one of the most important things to get right is the type of luggage you take with you. I personally think this can make or break your experience. For example, I visited Thailand last year and as I was only planning on staying in one place I took a large hard shell suitcase with me. This turned out to be a terrible choice because as soon as I arrived in Thailand and waited to collect my bag in the airport it turned up missing a wheel! This meant that it was not able to stand up straight and fell over all the time! I also decided to visit an Island called Koh Samet for a few days before I left, lugging this suitcase onto a speed boat and around the island was not an easy job! So now i have multiple different bags for a variety of trips and I would like to share these with you and hope that this helps when trying to decide what bag to purchase or take with you!

This is the Jeep Plateau suitcase. It is 53-38-22cms, weighs 3.1kg and is 39 liters so it is classed as a cabin bag by most airlines. It is made out of strong, durable, lightweight and water resistant material. I personally love the colours on this bag and it also has a lot of room inside to fit all the clothes you need in it. I normally use this suitcase if I am going away for a few days and don’t want to carry my stuff on my back. Most of the time when I travel I bring my camera equipment with me and it can be quite heavy so using this bag is great as it takes the pressure off my back. This case is perfect for a city break if like me you don’t really need to take too much stuff with you.

This is the Highland Trail XT 50 Rucksack, it is 2.5kg and supports 55L. It has a large main compartment as well as multiple sized pockets. It offers high freedom of movement, optimal weight distribution and it very comfortable to carry. The waist belt takes the strain off the back and shoulders by transferring the weight to the hips. It has a rain cover, fold-out bottle holder, adjustable chest strap with signal whistle, lash points for trekking poles and tripods and is Hydration system compatible. I love the colour of this bag (Moroccan Blue) and it can be used for many types of trips.

I will be using this bag for 2 months away over summer, I all be getting on a lot of different types of transport and will be doing a lot of walking so this bag is perfect because I can just put it on my back and forget about it. This bag is also great for trekking or for a few weeks of travel. This is definitely a great bag and I really recommend it.

This is the Karrimor Kodiak Rucksack, it is 0.83kg and 25L. It has a padded hip belt, hydration sleeve, chest straps, walking pole loop and a rain cover, It’s a great little rucksack that I have used for many years now so it is a bit worse for wear! This is the main bag I take with me wherever I go, it is classed as handbag size on most airlines so I always use it. It is incredibly light and comfortable to carry and can fit quite a lot in it. When I go on day trips I always use this and put my camera equipment in it, as well as a rain coat, food and anything else i need.

I used this bag once when I went to Ireland for two nights. It fitted all I needed in it including my camera equipment a well as my clothes and hair straighteners. It can fit a lot in it but doesn’t look too big on my back. I really love the bag but it is getting very tatty and worn out now so I have ordered a new bag which I will probably use as my main small rucksack. I have ordered a new Osprey rucksack and I’m very excited about using it so I hope it is as good as my Karrimor bag, but if anyone is looking for a good, strong day backpack then I would certainly recommend looking at the Karrimor range.

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