On a long Greyhound bus ride some 8 years ago, somewhere between Noosa and Brisbane, Australia, an English lad I had crossed paths with earlier in my trip in Town of 1770 sat next to me on the bus.  He talked of his 8-month trip around the world, a bad breakup, his travel companion he needed break from and the loud English guy on the bus that was annoying all of us.  I talked of finishing school, my exchange at Sydney University, my one-month of traveling thus far and of my boyfriend back home.  He, his friend Kate and I traveled for the rest of our trip together: Brisbane, Surfer’s Paradise, Byron Bay and then meeting up again for New Years Eve overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  Most nights were spent drinking and dancing with other fellow travelers, a group of four girls from Sweden, another Dutch girl, two fellow Mississaug-ians, some other Brits, and some people I wouldn’t have even remembered has it not been for my blog and blog book I made.  Since I had a boyfriend with the same name, he became known as UK Dave.

Not long after, 2007 now, while visiting his uncle in NY, he popped up for a visit.  I showed him and his brother around Toronto for a night, had some more drinks and brought two young English lads in collared shirts to a rave-themed, laser-blinding dance club with a pack of 40+year old Koreans in sunglasses, the regulars at the Guvernment.

Later that year, we caught up in Barcelona, the summer I toured France and Spain with my sister, Steph and Chris.  He popped down England with a friend to come drinking and partying for the weekend.  Lots more memories were made, including the time we got locked out of hostel since we didn’t make the nighttime curfew… one of the most memorable stories of my life.

When they came by to Toronto again in March 2008, I took them to Circus Nightclub for a another bizarre night in Toronto with people dressed in wild costumes.  And that was the last time we hung out.

Through the miracle of Internet and Facebook, we always kept in touch.  I followed along on his incredible and inspirational travels around the world, while he hit up 60 countries before he hit the age of 30.  Exchanged travel tips, recommended destinations and always tried to figure out a way to meet up again.

Finally after 6 years, on the same continent, David and his lovely girlfriend, Ann, came to Paris for the weekend.  Age has certainly changed our idea of a good time:  5 dollar beer pints and all-night clubbing has given way to refined wine and nice conversation over dinner.  A good time was had just the same.

We had a great time reminiscing about all our shenanigans from years past… exchanging stories, reminding each other of forgotten moments, digging up the photos.  And at last, David and UK Dave finally met each after each one heard so much about the other.  We tried to show them parts of Paris some visitors don’t make it out to right away.  We spent all day Saturday, soon after they landed, walking through Paris despite the intermittent rainy and sunny spells: crepes at Creperie Josselin, a stroll through Jardin du Luxembourg, up along Rue Mouffetard, through Jardin des Plantes, onto Ile de Cite, back through Saint Germain des Pres, drinks at Bar du Marche and back home for a nap and a filling raclette dinner.  All in all, it was about 14 kilometers!  Needless to say, we were beat and called it a relatively early night.

Dave and Ann enjoyed the nice weather that finally arrived on Sunday to check out the main tourist sites since it was Ann’s first time to Paris.  They enjoyed a quiet night to themselves after all the walking around Paris.  After five straight days of wine drinking, we too needed an early, quiet night before starting the work week! (Yeah, there was a whole lot of wine while watching the Survivor season finale with Martha, and a Bordeaux blind wine-tasting at Amy’s between our visitors.  It certainly had been a fun and crazy week!)

Thankfully, I was able to catch up with Dave and Ann again over lunch at Passage des Panoramas before they jetted off back to Northern England.  I’m so happy we made this visit work and looking forward to the next one while we’re still in the same time zone (plus or minus one hour).  I always say going to Australia was the best decision and best experience of my life and it’s so amazing and wonderful we’ve been able to keep in touch since then.  Dave is a lifelong traveler and I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.


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